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Made by the proud lumber experts at Eagle Forest Products of Eagle, ID

Eagle Forest Products manufactures both Western Red Cedar fencing products, as well "Western Specie Fencing Products" Which include S green Douglas Fir, KD HT Douglas fir, and KD HT Hem Fir.
These fencing products are manufactured in two of our Oregon manufacturing Plants, Tangent, Or; and Roseburg, Or.

Western Red Cedar-1x4 and 1x6x6 WRC pickets, 2x4x8 and 4x4 (post and rail material) We are one of the largest Secondary Manufacturers of WRC fencing products in the Western US
High Quality Fence Products that are competitively priced with a very high and competent level of service that go with all of our lumber products.

Western Specie Fencing-This fence program continues to grow as the scarcity of cedar logs drives the price of WRC fencing higher. We manufacture this product in a 2/Btr no hole and a #3 no hole all in 1x6x6'
Green Doug Fir, KD Doug Fir, and KD Hem Fir. These pickets can be used treated or stained by the installer, or homeowner. Their durability characteristics are very similar to cedar.