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Our staff has more than 150 years of combined experience in Eagle, ID

Always a high level of customer service, combined with experience, extensive manufacturing capability, and superior industry relationships makes EAGLE FOREST PRODUCTS your choice for quality lumber products, value and reliability.


Eagle Forest Products was conceived in 2009 during one of the longest, toughest stretches that the lumber industry has ever known. The founding team was a group of highly reputed industry veterans whose mission was to create a customer focused lumber company that could adapt to ever changing market conditions, consistently bringing new ideas and opportunities to their customers.

Being well versed in all aspects of the industry, including: manufacturing and sales, and strong finance and administration, continues to make Eagle Forest Products a successful leader of the pack.

Eagle Forest Products is manufacturing lumber products at 3 locations, with 2 sales offices throughout the U.S. we are a supplier of both softwoods and hardwoods, cut stock, lumber and wood fencing.